January 25th 2016
Reading Lab
Unleashing students as peer coaches lab

October 20th 2016
Formative assessment is Fitbit for the classroom

Fitbit allows me to:
Set personal goals
See where I am in relation to those goals

See precisely what I need to do to reach the goals

Formative Assessment

What is the learning target?

Where is the learner right now?

What does the learner need to do to reach the target?

Rick shared Workshop Philosophy

Julie introduced her lesson and her conference tool and Google classroom

Rick shared packet

Strategy Harvest;
Ticket out the door
Anonymous parking lot-what still stumps you
Conversations of kids-they will tell you what they remember
Tom shared an idea about running a bracket?
Peer editing
See Mary's books
Google doc spreadsheet


Think about a formative assessment tool that you would like to try to hone before we meet in January. Rick and I are happy to come cover classes, team teach, be a friend while you try something new, observe a colleague, dialogue/plan/create with a colleague.

we look forward to starting In January with your success stories or epic fails :)