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Example of an introductory Tweet: ( hashtag #entrepreneur)

Would love to connect and learn from you, I'm an #entrepreneur in progress!

Time to skpe 3:25-4:00pm any Tuesday check the calendar

I am a student at Birmingham Covington School.I am writing to ask if you could possible help me learn about becoming an entrepreneur. I am in an after school club and we are learning about how to start and run a successful sustainable business that fills a need in our community.
I was wondering if you could Skype with us or come visit our classroom to answer our questions or give us some tips and tricks.
I look forward to hearing from you

Phone script:
Hello can I speak to___
I am a student at Birmingham Covington school and we are learning about businesses and entrepreneurship. We would like to connect with you via Skype or in person if you could visit with us to help us learn about running a successful sustainable business

Interview Questions:
What was you inspiration for starting your business?
Do you consider yourself an ethical entrepreneur?
How do you define success?
do you have a current goal and what is it?
Where and how did you start?
How hard was it to get your product developed and noticed by the public?
What experiences really helped you learn?
What challenges have you faced?
What satisfies you most about what you do?
Who do you look up too and why?
Who did you look up to and whose strategies did you use and learn from?
How are you innovative? How is your business innovative?
What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?
How did you get start up capital?
What mistakes have you made and what did you learn from them?
what risks have you taken?
How do you weigh out difficult decisions?
How do you serve the community?
What need do you fill in your community?
Are you sustainable?
How do you ascertain user satisfaction? How do you know that people like your product?
Do you ever edit/change/modify your product or plans to fit specific needs and wants?
How do you advertise?
Who are your competitors and how do you deal with them?
What would be the one piece of advice you would give us?
Did you ever doubt the success of your business and think about giving up?
How do you use social media in your business